My Practice

My clients typically range in age from young adult (18) to older adult.  I work primarily with individuals though occasionally with couples and families.   My approach is collaborative and open, thoughtfully considering resources, obstacles, expectations, and possible approaches to accomplishing  goals.

Typical concerns, for those who come to my practice include adjustment difficulties, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorders, bipolar disorders, relationship or work difficulties, immigrant cultural integration, adoption/pre-adoption issues and addictive problems including over-eating.  I also work extensively with those facing difficulties relating to the intersection of mind and physical health, including coping with illness, high blood pressure, chronic pain, and brain-injury related difficulties.  Performance enhancement (work, academics, performing arts) is another particular interest of mine.

My usual session length is 60 minutes although longer sessions can be arranged, as needed.  I am fully prepared to offer therapy online, (given the current COVID-19 situation) via several platforms which are easy to use and, based on my experiences thus far, working well.

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Monday - Saturday By Appointment Only